About the Solid-State Lighting magazine

About the Solid-State Lighting magazine

New Supplement of the Components and Technologies Magazine — September 1st, 2009 Pilot Issue

Circulation — 3000 copies

First Issue Volume – 48 pages and more

Distribution – Russia and CIS

“Media Group FineStreet» inviting you to participate in a new project: Solid-State Lighting Magazine. This publication is dedicated to the new booming area of lighting — solid-state light sources. The Magazine will be covering various aspects of solid-state lighting, including problems of growing light-emmiting heterojunction wafers, LED packaging and LED-based devices, LEDs measurements, and applications in various luminaires and lighting system design.

The main thematic trends of the Solid-State Lighting magazine

  1. Market News and Events of the LEDs market
  2. LEDs and LED Clusters: LED Chips, LED Packaging, Phosphors, Primary Optics, LED Manufacturing Equipment
  3. Secondary Optics
  4. Power Supplies and LED Drivers
  5. Cooling Systems and Heatsinks
  6. LEDs Test and Measurement Systems
  7. Solid-State Lighting Projects and Applications: General Lighting, Automotive Lighting and Signaling, Industrial Lighting, Street Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Advertisement Signs and Panels, Railway Lighting, Traffic Signs, Railway and Obstruction Lights, Torches and Portable Lighting Systems
  8. LEDs certification

The target audience of the Solid-State Lighting magazine

Engineers and managers of companies who design and manufacture solid-state lighting products, lighting specialists who use solid-state lighting in their projects.

Distribution of the Solid-State Lighting magazine

  • Mailing list, which contains mainly design companier and lighting manufacturers, and to a smaller extent companies which install and integrate lighting systems.
  • Mailing to potential LED customers and to the distributors using Components and Technologies magazine database.
  • Exhibitions database like Interlight, Displays, Advertisement, Smart Home and other relevant trade shows.
  • Living Environment Magazin and 4Room Newspaper databases. These are companies who install lighting systems.
  • Relevant exhibitions, conferences and seminars.
  • Free mailing to qualified subscribers (according to the lead forms)
  • More than 30 exhibitions and trade shows are planned per year (plans of Components and Technologies magazine, Living Environment magazine and 4Room newspaper)

Distribution of the magazine for 2014

Distribution of the magazine for 2012

The geography of the distribution for 2014

The geography of the distribution

The audience of the magazine

Data as of July 1th of 2014. Some subscribers registered themselves to 2 or more categories.

  • Development engineers of solid-state light sources and solid-state lamps — 47%
  • Design bureau engineers — 5%
  • Technical managers — 23%
  • Research engineer — 21%
  • Managers responsible for manufacturing organization — 16%
  • Students and doctoral students — 4%


The plan of magazine’s appearances at 2016

Issue Deadline for articles Deadline for advertisement Appearance
1’2016 15 January 2016 22 January 2016 01 February 2016
2’2016 19 February 2016 26 February 2016 07 March 2016
3’2016 15 April 2016 22 April 2016 02 May 2016
4’2016 05 August 2016 12 August 2016 22 August 2016
5’2016 09 September 2016 16 September 2016 26 September 2016
6’2016 21 October 2016 28 October 2016 07 November 2016


Technical requirements for advertising in Solid-State Lighting magazine presented in electronic format


Electronic layout could be presented both for PC and Macintosh platforms.
Layout should contain two files: the first for printing process (EPS format) and the second for screen preview (PDF or JPG format). All the pictures used for layout have to be presented as detached files. Additional files should be collected in the layout folder. File names should contain only figures and letters of Latin alphabet. File name should provide the following information: the name of company, print size and the number of layout version.


Size of the electronic layout should be identical to the print size of advertising. Add five millimeter bleed to the expected trim format (in case the layout covers all the print area of magazine page).


Important elements should have at least five millimeter distance from the trim line. Logotypes should be given in vector format. All parts of publication should be presented only in CMYK model. Transparent backgrounds are not allowed. The amount of spot colors could not exceed 280 %. All the fonts should be transformed into vector format. Text with special effects has to be presented in raster format. We don’t recommend using font size less than 6 pt. Long raster texts are not allowed.


All the pictures in electronic layout should be presented in TIFF (no compression!), PSD Photoshop or EPS formats. Pictures ready to printing process should be presented in CMYK or Grayscale models. Pictures needed further revision (retouch or color correction) should be presented in RGB model.  Resolution could be from 250 to 350 dpi for color and from 600 to 1200 dpi for black and white graphics. Scale of all the pictures used in layout should be 1:1. It is not allowed to use in graphics thin lines of composed rich black color. Total ink of graphics could not exceed 310%.


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