About journal Solid-State Lighting

First edition — 2009;
Circulation — 4000 copies;
Frequency — 6 issues per year.

Solid-State Lighting journal is the first magazine dedicated to visual optoelectronics.
This journal covers LED components, applications and innovative technologies in the solid-state lighting area.

The volume of the Solid-State Lighting journal is more than 56 pages. The Journal is covering various aspects of solid-state lighting, including problems of growing light-emitting heterojunction wafers, LED packaging and LED-based devices, their measurements, and applications in various luminaIres and lighting system design.

Technical support of our journal is performed by Russia`s leading lighting measurement laboratory ArchiLight , which allows us to provide the most reliable information.

Target Audience are engineers and managers of companies who design and manufacture solid-state lighting products, lighting specialists who use solid-state lighting in their projects.

The contents:

  • Standards
  • LEDs and LED Clusters
  • Secondary Optics
  • Power Supplies and LED Drivers
  • Cooling Systems and Heatsinks
  • Test and Measurement Systems
  • Projects and Applications
  • Lighting control systems
  • Certification


The scheme of distribution and audience of Solid-State Lighting journal

Circulation of Solid-State Lighting magazine — 4000 copies. It allows to cover the widest audience of professionals in the field of electronics. The circuit of distribution of Solid-State Lighting magazine allows to gain maximum effect from the published information. From the moment of the derivation in 2009 the system of distribution of magazine has been concentrated on experts in electronics, a technical manual of the companies and engineers developers.

The magazine extends under the following circuit:

  • Distribution on base of subscribers.
  • Retail through the shops trading in electronic components and offices. of corporations-distributors, through Internet shops.
  • Distribution at specialized seminars and conferences.
  • Distribution at more than 30 profile exhibitions of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kiev, Minsk and other cities of Russia and other ex-USSRcountries.
  • Distribution at specialized seminars and conferences.


  • Designers of luminaires and lighting fixtures 47%
  • Engineers of project installation companies 5%
  • Technical managers of the companies 23%
  • Scientifi c employees 21%
  • Managers responsible for manufacturing organization 16%
  • Students and doctoral students 4%

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